Space Florida is responsible for advocating the needs of Florida’s space industry to the Florida Legislature and Congress. Legislative support is critical to accomplishing the mission of Space Florida. Funding for spaceport infrastructure, financing and business development by the Florida Legislature has been crucial to Space Florida’s successes. Over $100 million have been appropriated by the Florida Legislature in the past 6 years, proving that the state of Florida is fully supportive of growing both the civil and commercial space industry.

Additionally, significant policy shifts have taken place in favor of Florida at both the state and federal level since Space Florida’s creation. In 2008 Florida adopted spaceflight informed consent laws. In 2011, manufacturers and suppliers were exempted from liability due to the inherent risk of spaceflight. Also, in 2011 the Florida Legislature passed tax credits specific to the space industry. In 2012 space was further incorporated into the Florida Department of Transportation with spaceports currently funded within the five year work program.

Statement from Space Florida President Frank DiBello:

Jan 11, 2012
"On behalf of Space Florida, I would like to thank Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto on the unanimous passage of SB634 in the Florida Senate yesterday. This bill changes the language in our Statute to better define what "Launch Support Facilities" may be considered for future FDOT infrastructure funding, and also aligns State and Federal definitions to better facilitate the of assignment of federal funds in the future. As a result of this Bill, “Launch Support Facilities” are now defined as "facilities that are located at launch sites or launch ranges that are required to support launch activities, including launch vehicle assembly, launch vehicle operations and control, communications and flight safety functions - as well as payload operations, control, and processing." This change allows for FDOT infrastructure funds to be utilized on applicable space projects included in the Space Florida Spaceport Master Plan."

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